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Dubai – the city of wonder, where modern technology, horrendous amount of money invested changed the skyline from never ending dunes to fantastic metropolis changed the life of its inhabitants within 35 years so that nobody would expect. 35 years ago Dubai was a fishermen and trading village where the life of it""s small population was easily led according to the values of Koran. Now days the population of Dubai can be counted in hundreds of thousands, so that the lifestyle has been changed from the small villages style to modern metropolitan style. The Koran however still delivers the law and stands above everybody to tell how to live.

How the gay people couple with the rights written in the book presented to the word 1600 years ago. Well, if one would spend a night in Dubai and try to find out about it""s night life, he/she would see that it""s not according to strict sharia law. Bars full of different kind of alcohol, where you can get drunk as a pig, menus full of pork items and other banned by Islam foods, number of prostitutes in the bars are bigger that number of ordinary guests. How come? It seems some authorities allow all those activities in Dubai believing that during the night Allah sleeps and can""t see whats going on in that Muslim city.

How it applies to the gay community? There are some advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage is that govt. of Dubai promotes male – male living style. It means if you are single you are not allowed to live with the person of another sex as far as she is not your mother, sister, daughter or close relative or wife. So enjoy life with your boyfriend together according to the standards of Dubai law.

Another advantage: If you like to walk hands in hands with your bf, you can do it without any problems in public places in Dubai. It is not forbidden and many nations do it spontaneously.

Another advantage: If you are cross dresser – go for it on the streets of Dubai. Dress as traditional Arabic women, wear abaya and go to streets. Anyways noone would see that you are a men in that kind of cloth. Better to take your bf with you, as single traditional women would trigger the attention of CID or police.

The above are just examples.


If your are caught having sexual intercourse with the person of the same sex that you are, you and your partner may face legal action followed by the deportation from the country, however in most cases when you are caught by uniformed police, you would end up with few slaps to your face and your partner the same. However be careful especially because of undercover police. They are not so good as uniformed ones.

Some websites with gay content may be blocked in Dubai.

Anyway Dubai is fun all the way, hope this website will make your stay in Dubai easier and your would be able to get most fun of the available in the city.